Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am gonna do it!!!

2010 summer plans
Please understand me on this one. I know it may seem a little bizarre. You are thinking "Jess must have had her license taken away" but truly that isn't the case.
You see the first vehicle I have ever purchased was a 15 passenger van. It gets about 13 mi. to the gallon.I bought this van for my band, because we travel a lot and play tons of shows, so we need a big van for hauling equipment and people ;-)
Not only do I travel to play shows, I drive to work everyday and need something a little better on gas.
A moped gets 100 mi. to the gallon.Much better, much better.
I will be saving a ton of money.
2) Apples? Yes they are delicious.
You see with all the money I will be saving on gas I can purchase an apple. No explanation needed. Sorry PC users, It's time for me to buy my own computer, and the first one I buy must be an apple.

3) Record(s)???
Yes I am gonna go in the studio and record my 3rd EP with my band The Rendition (www.therendition.com) at Electric Angel Studios (www.myspace.com/electricangelstudios). I am pretty excited.

4) mini-me's
This summer I get to spend all my time with students in 4th grade all the way up to high school. We get to learn about Jesus together, and learn how to use the gifts and talents God has given us through music to share with the world. Again I mention students, because that is pretty awesome!

5) Old is New
By the end of this summer I will be opening up a Vintage Clothing Store with a beautiful young woman, Kathleen.
She inspires me like no other! We are saving our money, we are investing in vintage clothes, we are taking sewing classes, we are designing, creating, recreating, and incorporating the old with the new. Embracing our past to change the future.
We will be giving a percentage of the money we make to help feed and educate kids in third world countries.
I'm excited!!!
I have no clue what is gonna happen! I have no clue how things will go.
But with these plans I am excited to see what God is going to do, regardless.
I am gonna embrace each day as it comes and have as much fun as I can sharing God's story every where I go and all the things I plan to do this summer.
If the plans above happen awesome, and if not God has better plans. Jesus prepare me to do your work:-)

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Melissa B. said...

Those dresses are AMAZING! What a great idea!